Belgian VAT

Value-added tax is applied to all exchanges of goods and services except for exports, real estate rents, dividends, interest on loans and deposits, and limited categories of fees (e.g. journalists or doctors). As far as intra-Community Trade (within the EU) is concerned, the concepts “exportation” and “importation” were abolished and replaced by “intra-Community supply” for supply of goods (which continues to be exempted from VAT) and “intra-Community acquisition” (which is a taxable event according the so-called VAT-reverse charge mechanism: the VAT being due is in principal simultaneously deductible within the same VAT-return). 

Three VAT rates apply:

  • a lower rate of 6% (basic food, water distribution, hotel services, transportation, property restoration, cinema, etc.);
  • a 12% (social housing, margarine, etc.);
  • a basic rate of taxation of 21% from January 1st 1996. For gold as an investment asset an exemption of VAT applies. Not to be confused with VAT are the excise duties imposed on petroleum, tobacco products, alcoholic drinks and sugar.

Leuven Accountants has experienced contacts helping clients in obtaining a Belgian excise license. The office is very experienced in filing quarterly or monthly VAT-returns and other related VAT-formalities.

The firm also has a few clients having the obligation to submit INTRASTAT declarations.

Leuven Accountants can also study any specific VAT-question you might have. For VAT-queries in very complex situations (possibly cross-border transactions), the office liaises with experienced VAT-specialists who focus on customs and/or VAT-problems solely from a legal perspective.

Leuven Accountants will then implement the offered solutions in client’s accounts as well as valid VAT-returns.