Leuven Accountants will investigate dual taxation arrangements applicable between Belgium and your own country. Your fiscal residency status is considered carefully and will be subject to the legislation in force. Where expatriates are employed in Belgium on a temporary basis, consideration for special taxation schemes may be possible offering serious financial advantages (“expat” regime). Expatriates benefiting from this special tax regime are only taxed on the percentage applicable to their activities in Belgium. Expatriates are not taxed on reimbursement of expenses incurred during their temporary stay in Belgium (generous level of up to €30,000).

We are able to file tax returns and/or VAT returns for non-residents (individuals as well as companies) concerning their financial activities in Belgium.

For expatriates resident in Belgium, we are able to help with all fiscal and accounting obligations required under Belgian law. One of the strengths of the team is the ability to comply financial information (issued according the Belgian standards) to the format requested by foreign controlling investors or holdings for an easy implementation in their global consolidated financial statement.

We can help prepare financial plans for loan-applications in a way that are acceptable to Belgian banking institutions.

We look forward to being of assistance.

Leuven Accountants BVBA